Refrigeration Products

Maintain the perfect temperature at all times in your refrigeration environments. Our refrigeration control solutions are used in a number of applications – from preservation of foods and goods to climate control in reefer units.

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Heat Pump Products

BITZER Electronics has been involved in the production of heat pumps for over 30 years, continuously developing an extensive knowledge of heat pumps systems. We've got a complete range of products that are designed to meet every heat pump need.

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Air Conditioning Products

BITZER Electronics air conditioning control solutions are a key element in creating optimal comfort and climate for people in industrial buildings, buses, trains and single-family homes.

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Compressor Protection

Our compressor protection modules have been developed in cooperation with BITZER. These modules can be used with most reciprocating, scroll and screw compressors on the market. 

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Compressor Electronics

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Lodam Multi Tool

The Windows based Lodam Multi Tool, LMT, can communicate with all BITZER Electronics controllers. The LMT is very flexible and can easily be configured for use by a developer, a technician or by an end-user: 

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