Application Know-How

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The application is crucial

In-house application knowledge is crucial when developing the solution of tomorrow.

It is not only about building intelligent controllers. It is also about understanding the customers’ needs and applications.

Fresh fruit is carried around the world every day and it is vital, that it is stored under the right conditions. Together with Maersk Container Industry, BITZER Electronics developed the controller for the StarCool reefer unit. The environment inside the container can be controlled very precisely, making sure the fruit is still fresh when it arrives to the store on the other side of the world. The StarCool reefer unit is so energy efficient that a containership carrying StarCool reefers can carry up to 30% more reefer container than ships carrying traditional reefer containers – a solution build for the future.  

We understand our partner's needs and together we make a unique solution. Today Maersk Container Industry is the leader on the market for reefer containers.

Starcool 600