Customer Training

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Customer training to continuous optimization

One thing is to deliver a product solution, another one is to get maximum advantage from it

We all learn in different ways and that is a strength. At BITZER Electronics we offer a wide range of different training tools, including smart simulation tools which makes complex applications easy to use.

BITZER is the leader within refrigeration and air conditioning. After increasing the amount of electronics on the compressor, BITZER experienced an increasing request for support and training. To support this and to increase the usability and serviceability, we created the simulator and training boxes for some of their most complex solutions. The simulator can be used to train BITZER employees as well as customers around the world. End customers can also use the simulator box to program the system controller or fault finding and preparing service visits.

BITZER Electronics offers a wide range of training services:

Training services:
- Simulation tools 
- On-site training
- Webinar
- How-to video’s
- Manuals etc.