Your Journey

The journey starts with a partnership. The goal is never to supply single units but to create full understanding and cooperation to reach the desired output. 

One of the key factors to success is to follow all our partners journey; Where are you know and where do you dream of going next? 

BITZER Electronics has been optimizing and improving our way of working for five decades – and part of BITZER Group since 2007. 

The Journey starts here...

Exploration Consultancy

Through years of experience with our partners, together we have learned to develop our specification consultancy to focus more on 'exploration' consultancy. We have learned that by understanding the situation of our customers, it is possible to build solutions that is vital in transporting bananas over the atlantic securing you fresh food in the supermarket or supplying fresh air and hot water in your private house etc.

You can call it exploration consultancy.

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Development and Test Support

Solutions made through specialized know-how.

What would you say, if we presented a solution, where quality and reliability had been tested throughout decades in a tight cooperation with key partners, a solution where thousands of developing hours and testing in demanding environments had created a perfect balance and that this experience could be fitted into your solution?

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Supply Chain Management

Obsolete or out of order? Not at BITZER Electronics!

High quality using dual sourcing is, as well as on-time delivery, vital for us. More than 300.000 highly complex products are annually shipped from BITZER Electronics.

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Continuous Optimization Service

At BITZER Electronics each partnership is unique. Even though the solutions are made and tested to excellence, the partnership does not end here. Continuous Optimization Service is your guarantee that the solution is also working tomorrow.

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