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BITZER Electronics A/S is established in 1968 by Uwe Lorenzen and Tage Damm. Later the company was split in two – one for electronics and one for automation. BITZER Electronics Automation later changed the name to Daniit. In 1983 the production of heat pumps started and was later sold to Swedish Nibe in 1997. In 2007 the company became a part of the BITZER Group, who is one of the world’s leading manufacturers within refrigeration and air conditioning technologies.


Since 2010 the company has been voted as one of the best places to work in Denmark. One of the main focuses is to creative professional, efficient and inclusive conditions for every employee. In 2013 the company ranked as 31st on the European list of best workplaces.


As of 2017 BITZER Electronics has 110 employees, where 60 of them are developers and engineers. BITZER Electronics electronics sells over 300.000 products a year.

How to contact us:

BITZER Electronics A/S 
Kærvej 77 
6400 Sønderborg 
Tel.: +45 73 42 37 37 
Fax: +45 73 42 37 30 

CVR-No.: 21 34 00 06 
Bank: Sydbank - 8010 
Account No: 000212572 
IBAN-No.: DK 8480 1000 0021 2572 

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