Increase serviceability with BITZER SMART CONNECT

BITZER SMART CONNECT helps generating a perfect indoor climate, while reducing the energy consumption and service costs to a minimum.

BITZER SMART CONNECT provide monitoring of actual operation data and enabling configuration of all ventilation systems in a building or individual apartments from a central location. The service includes access to a webpage or an app installed on the building administrators mobile phone / iPad or tablet.

The BITZER SMART CONNECT setup has been added to several of existing air handling units, in apartment blocks and one restaurant in Southern Denmark. BITZER SMART CONNECT allows you to easily monitor if the units are running, get alarm notifications and watch real-time data etc. It is even possible to see how well the units operate. The newest available feature allows the building administrator to, remotely, turn off ventilation units individual or an entire apartment building easily, and avoid smoke contaminated air from external sources to enter the apartments.

Added values using BITZER SMART CONNECT:

• Optimal indoor climate
• Preventive maintenance & faster service respond
• Emergency stop of all units in case of emergencies
• Faster and better scheduled service in each apartment – save time
• Reduce visits to each housing association via remote monitoring
• Faster troubleshooting by viewing historical data