Do you want to find out what our employees think about the culture and daily life of working at BITZER Electronics? Below you’ll find short interviews with employees Jakob, Jørgen, Mette, Elza and Mads. Their dedication and drive contribute to the continued success of BITZER Electronics – and you will quickly see that there is much more passion involved in developing electronics devices for the HVAC industry than you might think.

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Jakob: “We have passionate, professional discussions in our team”

“I really enjoy being part of a professional team where everybody is passionate about electronics and innovation. If you have a question or a challenge, you can just ask a colleague, either in your own team or in another team at BITZER Electronics; everyone is professional and helpful to discuss ideas and solutions, and listens to you even though you don’t have much engineering experience.

We also have a fantastic family spirit. There are a lot of social activities where you get to spend time with all your colleagues.“


Jakob, B.Sc.E.E, Hardware Developer. Made his final thesis at BITZER Electronics before he was employed in February 2014.

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Jørgen: “I have freedom to innovate”

“I was part of a team in the beginning of one of our major projects. And it was a fantastic process. At first we were allowed to “play” and try out all our ideas, for a long period actually, before we decided which way to proceed.

I really appreciate the freedom we have in how we do our job. And I am impressed about the way we celebrate things, like birthdays, jubilees, project accomplishments and other occasions.”


Jørgen, B.Sc.E.E. Senior Hardware Engineer, Motor Control. Has worked at BITZER Electronics since 2008.

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Mette:  “I am going to develop and stay here for a long time”

“It is great to be part of a growing company. It gives you many opportunities to develop - both career wise, professionally and personally. And it makes you want to stay here for a very long time.

We have considerable influence on our day-to-day work, and initiatives and good ideas are always welcome. As a newcomer you are met with helpfulness and a great deal of respect for your professional area.“


Mette, Strategic Purchaser. Has worked at BITZER Electronics since December 2013.

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Mads: “I get to develop my leadership abilities and dreams”

“I have leadership challenges and at the same time I work with technology; this is the perfect combination for me. I like that we work with values instead of rules, and that we don’t have to ask all the time – we just act. I appreciate the comprehensive leadership training, I have to go through to be manager at BITZER Electronics, and our leadership guide, which is a great help.

We have a very active staff club, which arranges a lot of social and sport activities, where everyone can participate. It contributes to the special BITZER Electronics spirit.”


Mads, M.Sc.E.E, Program Manager. Has worked at BITZER Electronics since 2008.