Would you like to work in a place where personal and professional development isn’t just something that management talks about in meetings? A place where your ongoing education and personal development is as much a focus as your on-the-job performance?


We have a saying at BITZER Electronics: "No one is entitled not to make progress". We strongly believe that this is the key to our – and your – continued success. BITZER Electronics is committed to helping you improve your competences and establishing your roadmap for your ongoing development. Using this innovative approach, your job is constantly in development – to make sure you always have a challenging and rewarding role within the organisation.

BITZER Electronics' internal culture is built on a number of skills that all of our employees must recognise and have the ability to exercise in daily life.
These are: 

  • Personal planning and mental flexibility (BITZER Electronics offers courses in personal planning for all new employees)
  • The ability to assume responsibility for personal actions and work towards solutions instead of finding faults and creating excuses
  • Sharing knowledge in a natural, exciting and timely manner
  • The ability to work at detail level, but at the same time be able to see the big picture and create relationships between similar objects and concepts
  • Appreciating the daily interaction with colleagues – both professionally and socially
  • Effective self-management and self-motivation.

Moreover, we have a special talent programme for employees with specific career wishes just as all managers undergo a management training programme to help them truly realise their leadership potential.