Intelligent heat pump solutions

Hot water in the taps and comfortable indoor climate are things we take for granted. And with BITZER Electronics' heat pump controllers there is no reason not to. Our advanced control solutions are designed to take perfect control of hot water and heating applications – to reduce energy consumption and save money. Naturally, without compromising comfort.  

BITZER Electronics has provided control solutions for heat pumps since the 1980s and has built up and continuously developed an extensive knowledge of both domestic and industrial heat pump systems. The application knowledge also includes the combination of ventilation and heat pumps to provide the best, most economical comfort.

Our heat pump controller can be used in all heat pump applications for heating and hot water, including:

  • Brine/Water Heat Pumps
  • Air/Water Heat Pumps
  • Water/Water Heat Pumps
  • Domestic Hot Water Heat Pumps

With a BITZER Electronics controller solution you will have complete control over the entire system. And, for fast access to often-used parameters, you can also tailor your control panels to your exact needs and situations.  

BITZER Electronics can deliver advice, configuration information and more for Domestic, Industrial, OEM solutions. Leave your email under the contact tab if you would like to be contacted. 

Heating Cases

BITZER Electronics heat pump control solutions are a key element in creating optimal indoor comfort while saving energy

BITZER Electronics has been involved in the production of heat pumps for over 30 years, continuously developing an extensive knowledge of heat pumps systems. We've got a complete range of products that are designed to meet every heat pump need.

LDH 105 Green Heat Pump Controller complies with new EU requirements for standby power.

BITZER Electronics has supplied the LDH 105 heat pump controller for Vesttherm’s heat pumps for many years. It controls and monitors the heat pump to ensure intelligent control of the heat and minimize energy consumption and cost.